California CEQA produces homelessness

Living in the countryside is evil, we have to prevent it, whatever the cost. New technology? We deny that, it doesn't exist! Housing costs? So what, we are a very rich country!

  Let's compare California with Germany and Austria

  California Germany Austria
Surface area 423,970 km² 357,592 km² 83,871 km²
Inhabitants 39.538.223 83.200.000 9.100.000
GNP 3,701 GUS$ 4,354 GUS$ 481 GUS$
GNP per inhabitant 93,606 US$ 52,334 US$ 52,857 US$
Area per inhabitant 10.723 m² 4.298 m² 9.217 m²

So much space per inhabitant, so much money per inhabitant! California must be paradise on earth! Far from it, because pseudo-science is used there to make housing so expensive that there is an enormous number of homeless people and millions are leaving the country. One example of this pseudo-scientific humbug is called CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act

What does the house builder do if the land is too expensive? He just moves far enough away that the land prices are affordable. If he can't find work at home, he commutes to work. If he commutes in a car with a combustion engine, that's of course terrible, that's perfectly clear.

Normal people would first do an as-is study: Live in a city, live far out in the countryside. If you had done such an actual study in 1960, then it is quite clear that the commuter in the country burns 6,000 liters of gasoline every year for 30,000 km of driving per year. Since we are talking about California here, I have taken the 20 liters/100 km of a US road cruiser of the time. 6 liter 8-cylinder engine, 2 m wide, 5 m long and the aerodynamics of a wall unit. Insane!

But the optimization study must come immediately after the as-is study. What can be optimized in houses? What can be optimized in cars? What can be optimized in energy generation? The most advanced optimization study is the energy-optimized GEMINI next generation settlement. 16 houses per hectare, in Austria 850 MWh annual yield, but in Mountain View California 1,428 MWh annual yield. Even if there were 30 commuters per hectare of housing estate driving 30,000 km per year in huge electric cars, 30 times 300 times 30 kWh/100 km would only be 270 MWh. A more realistic assumption would be 30 cars per hectare of housing estate, 20,000 km per year and 18 kWh/100 km. This would be 108 MWh, which is less than 8% of the electricity production of 1 hectare of residential area.

Right after the optimization study, the "how do we get there study". This is what is expected from politics and science: Analyze the current state, research an ideal state, work out a viable path between the current and ideal state. Many scientific disciplines have to be involved in such a study. Sociology on crime and housing satisfaction in different types of housing. Economics on price developments in the case of planned legal interventions, price scenarios for new technologies. Engineers on possible future technical developments. This is interdisciplinary teamwork.

  CCAA – California Clean Air Act

In 1988, people were still thinking scientifically. Back then, a law was passed to force the car industry to produce zero-emission vehicles. The US fossil industry fought against it with all its might. In the end, the US fossil fuel industry won. To celebrate the victory, GM scrapped all EV1 electric cars. This made Elon Musk so angry that he joined Tesla and decided to destroy the fossil industry.

  CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act

Living in the countryside is evil, we have to prevent it, whatever the cost. New technology? We deny that, it doesn't exist! Effects on housing costs? So what, we are a very rich country! Housing satisfaction? People have enough money to be happy! Crime? We reduce crime by declaring theft under US$ 950 a simple misdemeanor, it's just not crime anymore.

Here is an article in California Insider

There are fanatics at work. Pseudo-scientists who vehemently demand that their nonsense be revered and believed as science.

  Climate protection requires overcoming pseudoscience

Anyone who represents the future with data from the past is a pseudo-scientist. For example, this is evil because it emits 500 kg of CO2 during production. Where do the 500 kg of CO2 emissions come from? From lignite-fired power plants in an industrial area in 1960! But what if you were to produce this with clean solar power? But what if all the photovoltaics and the necessary batteries were produced with solar power? But what if we were to recycle all the CO2 that was emitted during the conversion phase?

This is how this pseudo-science works: you take data from the past and claim that it can never change.

Latest example: Home garden is a danger to the climate. This method can be used to declare anything a threat to the climate. The method was used to declare humans a threat to the climate, see Guide Stones, Reduce humanity to 500 million.

GEMINI next generation is not about a few better houses, it is about the hardest possible blow against these pseudo-scientists with their 15-minute cities, cramming people together in workers' dormitories and "You will have nothing, but you will be happy".

  Optimism in a time of collapse

What prospects for the future can children of today be given? The majority of society only mentions extremely negative images of the future. Even when it comes to housing, a central need for everyone. The search query "housing in Germany" only brings up disaster reports in the search results. The problems can no longer be solved using conventional methods. Completely new approaches are needed.

If you support these completely new ways of thinking by buying shares, then in a few years' time you will not only be able to say "I contributed to this", but you will probably also be able to look back on a considerable increase in the value of these shares.

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A club member donates their membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a public limited company. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or home buyer, you also become part of the counter-movement against many negative, anti-survival developments in our society.

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          California CEQA produces homelessness: Living in the countryside is evil, we have to prevent it, whatever the cost. New technology? We deny that, it doesn't exist! Housing costs? So what, we are a very rich country!