Foray into the great void with shocking results

What would a PR agency do when tasked with inciting the population against climate protection? Exactly what these supposed “climate protectors” are doing!

  Advance into the great void

There are a lot of universities that deal with climate change, there are a lot of university professors who deal with climate change. I called one of them last week, outlined in a 3-minute conversation that things can't go on like this and then sent him an email.

Dear Prof. (name anonymized),

my call yesterday,
The GEMINI next generation project is a comprehensive plan,
to overcome several crises:

Energy transition, climate and extreme housing costs.

It represents a disruption in energy and housing.
Everyone has a need for a home, and this need is met here.
with a maximum contribution to the energy transition.

However, 100% renewable energy should only be a milestone
for planetary restoration, back to 350 ppm CO2,

Yours sincerely

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  The shocking result

Many thanks, Mr. Mösl, for the detailed information!
The interaction of buildings/settlement density with mobility (quantity and modal split) is also essential for the environmental and climate impact, and thus strongly determines the overall impact.

with best regards,

Can that really be the answer? Building/settlement density means housing people in workers' lockers. Quantity and modal split is the short distance from the workers' locker to the workplace by public transportation. There's an e-mail with a video and a PDF about how to tackle the climate crisis and this comes back as a reply from a university professor in this department.

Such a hectare of energy-optimized residential area would have an annual yield of 850 MWh in Austria and 1,700 MWh in a very sunny country. Even if the residents drove a lot, 10% of the yield in Austria and 5% in a very sunny country could hardly be exceeded.

A university professor in this department must be counted among the intellectual leadership of the climate movement. What is the result of such intellectual leadership? Climate stickers, eternal demands for 100 km/h on the highway, redensified residential areas, photovoltaic free-field systems that are forbidden to humans and the 15-minute cities.

You can expect something like that from an ancient parrot that was taught to say a phrase 50 years ago and keeps saying it over and over again.

But these result in even more craziness: not having children, pets are harmful to the climate, not growing your own vegetables. A ban on weekend driving is currently being discussed in Germany.

What would a PR agency do with the task of completely discrediting climate protection and inciting the population against it? Exactly what these alleged "climate protectors" are doing: you can't run a more perfect campaign against climate protection!

  Opinion poll on the climate

The IPCC repeatedly emphasizes "net zero emissions and everything will be fine again". This is despite the fact that the Amazon has already switched from absorbing CO2 to emitting it in 2021 and studies on thawing permafrost soils have very wide-ranging forecasts. Alternatively, PEGE proposes energy-optimized settlement areas with ClimateProtectionHomes, which enable affordable living in owner-occupied homes and a cost-optimized energy transition. This should reduce CO2 emissions by 2 ppm per year by 2054.

This is what the question should have been originally, but unfortunately only 200 characters are possible in the question, not 500. That's why I had to shorten it:

The climate issue: IPCC "Net zero emissions and everything will be fine again" or PEGE energy-optimized residential areas with ClimateProtectionHomes will reduce CO2 emissions by 2 ppm per year by 2054.

Here to the survey.

Please take part and spread the word about the survey. The result will be published in the newsletter on April 28.

  GEMINI next Generation AG will prove the contrary

It's not about whether the shares will be worth 10 times or 100 times more in 20 years' time or whether they will only be worth a few cents. It's about the future of us all. Will there be a big showdown between eco-fascism and yesterday's fossils, or will it be possible to overcome the deep divisions in society and inspire supporters of both sides to work towards a great new goal?

Global prosperity and planetary restoration instead of saving, restricting, renouncing and climate catastrophe or peak oil and a little more climate catastrophe. Both sides must be convinced that there is no solution that is even remotely viable.

On the one hand, it must be shown that net-zero emissions are a completely inadequate target and that the goal must instead be a planetary clean-up back to 350 ppm CO2. The other side must be shown that solar power enables a higher standard of living than fossil energy.

It's about survival! The social situation in 2024 compared to 2004. Extrapolating that to 2044 makes for a horror world! If we are successful and your shares are worth 100 times more, this is just an addition to all the other achievements.

One new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but €4,000 times €1,000 is also €4 million for all investments up to the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for global expansion.

There is a reward program for recommending the share to others. Two of the new shareholders have become shareholders through this reward program.

Here are the details.
          Foray into the great void with shocking results: What would a PR agency do when tasked with inciting the population against climate protection? Exactly what these supposed “climate protectors” are doing!