No electricity sales possible today from 03:00 to 18:00

I can already see “happy hour” campaigns at the first model estate, where fast charging will be offered at 10 cents/kWh in times of negative spot market prices.

No electricity sales possible today from 03:00 to 18:00
I can already see “happy hour” campaigns at the first model estate, where fast charging will be offered at 10 cents/kWh in times of negative spot market prices.

The spot market prices are only negative from 05:00 to 18:00, but there is an additional 1.5 cent charge from the electricity trader. If the electricity price is below 1.5 cents, you also pay extra. No electricity sales possible for 15 hours from 03:00 to 18:00. How can electricity be offered so cheaply? The price difference between the EEG feed-in tariff and the spot market price is paid by the German taxpayer.

Only the worst and meanest enemies of the energy transition could have come up with such madness.


This madness requires adjustments so that the energy system of a house can still pay for itself.
  • More batteries
  • Stronger power connection to be able to feed in during a few high-priced hours
  • Selling electricity directly to car drivers
Similar to the simulation with the off-grid fast-charging settlements, there will soon also be a simulation of settlements with a grid connection. How much grid connection and batteries provide the best return on investment?

I can already see “happy hour” campaigns at the first model estate, where fast charging will be offered at 10 cents/kWh in times of negative spot market prices. The model settlement in Unken will have 200 kW of photovoltaics and 600 kWh of batteries. On a very sunny summer day, this is a yield of 1200 kWh. If only 600 kWh can be stored for feeding into the grid at reasonable prices, then 20 electric cars, each charging 30 kWh, should take the rest.

  Intersolar Trade Fair 2024

The Intersolar trade fair is taking place in Munich from June 19 to 21. I will be there for 3 days to find out about feeding electricity directly from the battery into the medium-voltage grid. The connection fees per kW are cheaper, so you can have almost twice as much kW at the same cost.

This is an opportunity for personal meetings with me.

  Big difference between wanting and achieving

There is a group that wants an energy transition, but has so far managed the 2 biggest acts of sabotage against the energy transition: But the sinister work of this group continues: sales of heat pumps and electric cars are plummeting. This is all the result of a profound refusal to understand anything about physics, the market economy and people. Let's make a comparison:

We will systematically increase the CO2 tax over the next 20 years, but return all this tax revenue to the taxpayer. Revenue neutral! We expect the economy to make you, as taxpayers, ever better offers for CO2 tax evasion. Our goal is not high revenues from the CO2 tax, but no revenues from the CO2 tax.


We have draconian penalties for anyone who does not convert to a heat pump. The heat pump supplier will offer you a heat pump at outrageously exorbitant prices because our draconian penalties are even worse.

Unfortunately, the other political groups have a sinister tendency to want to make things worse rather than better. They do not propagate a better energy transition, but no energy transition.

  The destruction of the German car industry

I already brought you the documentary on the decline of the German car industry in 2017. Could anyone have guessed that things could get much worse? Surprising removal of the subsidy premium and populist politicians fighting against the ban on the registration of ICE cars in the EU from 2035. Germany is the only country with a decline in electric car registrations.

2035 is 11 years away. Let's take a look back 11 years. Back then, I had my first ride in a Tesla S at Intersolar. The Renault dealer had a Renault Zoe for €42,000. Comparable cars with a petrol engine were available for around €8,000. I once drove such a first-generation Renault Zoe 145 km to Landshut. It was quoted with a range of 210 km, pure fantasy figures, because I arrived in Landshut with 44 km remaining range.

Today, the Tesla Y RWD is on offer for €39,990. You also have to take inflation since 2013 into account. The €42,000 for the Renault Zoe in 2013 is now €59,339 adjusted for inflation, more expensive than a Tesla Y Performance.

This very rapid development will continue until 2035. Renault Zoe 2013 against Tesla Y 2024 is like comparing a Ford T 1910 against a VW Passat GTI from 1980. Isn't this comparison exaggerated? No, with the Renault Zoe you would have had to allow 3 charging breaks for the 320 km from Sankt Leonhard to Vienna. With 32 A three-phase current, charging takes quite a long time. The Renault Zoe would therefore have taken longer to get to Vienna than a Ford T.

Who is seriously going to buy a combustion engine in 2035?

  Findings from the inflation calculator

This inflation calculator is very helpful in correctly estimating previous costs and income.
  • 1976 an hp 67 pocket calculator for ATS 12,500. Adjusted for inflation € 3,776
  • 1979 an apple ][ computer with 32 kB RAM for 36,000 ATS, store only with a cassette recorder. Adjusted for inflation € 9,275.
  • In 1983 I was paid ATS 25,000 a month, which is equivalent to € 5,186 today.
  • In 1988 I bought a Renault Espace TXE for 325,000 ATS and a leasing rate of 5,400 ATS. Inflation-adjusted €56,900 and €980.97 leasing rate.
  • In 1992, 1 kW of photovoltaics cost € 7,000. Adjusted for inflation, € 15,416.
  • In 1993, I had shocking telephone bills of ATS 6,500 per month because of the search for investors for the GEMINI house. Adjusted for inflation € 1,000. Today I have 2,000 free minutes to all EU networks for €14.90 per month with Spusu.
  • In 1994, I announced the GEMINI house for ATS 3 million with 115 m² of living space and 8 kW of photovoltaics. Adjusted for inflation, € 445,410. More photovoltaics were to be retrofitted later when they became cheaper.
  • In 2004, I bought a Seat Alhambra for €30,500 and a leasing rate of €325. Adjusted for inflation, € 52,139 and € 556 leasing rate.
  • Today's price for a Tesla Y RWD of €39,990 calculated back to 2004 would have been equivalent to only €23,393

  The net-zero emissions mentality

Net zero emissions means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that nature can absorb. For the rich, this means Maintain poverty, cause poverty, so that enough emission rights remain for the rich.

  The planetary restoration mentality

Planetary cleanup back to 350 ppm CO2 means around 47,000 TWh of electricity to filter 1 ppm CO2 from the atmosphere and recycle it into carbon and oxygen. Who can afford that? Only a rich humanity, 10 billion people in prosperity can do it.

  If in doubt, check all pages carefully

It is a decision between 3 directions:
  • Eternal fossils. Believe in eternal oil and that humans can never not have an impact on the climate.
  • Net zero emissions and everything will be fine again. Saving Restricting Renouncing as the most important means of achieving the target.
  • Planetary cleanup back to 350 ppm CO2. Global prosperity as a necessity to achieve the goal.
If in doubt, check all the arguments of all parties. What if this direction prevails and is able to realize its ideas?

  GEMINI next Generation AG will prove the contrary

It's not about whether the shares will be worth 10 times or 100 times more in 20 years' time or whether they will only be worth a few cents. It's about the future of us all. Will there be a big showdown between eco-fascism and yesterday's fossils, or will it be possible to overcome the deep divisions in society and inspire supporters of both sides to work towards a great new goal?

Global prosperity and planetary restoration instead of saving, restricting, renouncing and climate catastrophe or peak oil and a little more climate catastrophe. Both sides must be convinced that there is no solution that is even remotely viable.

On the one hand, it must be shown that net-zero emissions are a completely inadequate target and that the goal must instead be a planetary clean-up back to 350 ppm CO2. The other side must be shown that solar power enables a higher standard of living than fossil energy.

It's about survival! The social situation in 2024 compared to 2004. Extrapolating that to 2044 makes for a horror world! If we are successful and your shares are worth 100 times more, this is just an addition to all the other achievements.

One new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but €4,000 times €1,000 is also €4 million for all investments up to the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for global expansion.

There is a reward program for recommending the share to others. Two of the new shareholders have become shareholders through this reward program.

Here are the details.
          No electricity sales possible today from 03:00 to 18:00: I can already see “happy hour” campaigns at the first model estate, where fast charging will be offered at 10 cents/kWh in times of negative spot market prices.